5 ways to tell your hotel’s story and build your online presence

#1 Publish the reviews you are most proud of

Your guests are speaking. They are sharing their voice online about their experience in your property. Find the most raving reviews that make you and your team proud, and publish them. Where, you may ask? Well first of all, you could include some of the best reviews from happy guests in your website to convince other travelers to book direct. Reviews and photos from happy customers act as social proof and are trusted by internet users when they are considering booking with you. If you are worried about improving your online reviews and getting better scores, GuestFlip’s hotel review management tool can point you in the right direction.

You could also share positive reviews on your social media such as Facebook & Instagram. Make sure to create a nice visuals, as they perform a lot better. For Instagram try to make photos that aren’t text heavy. You can find a good balance by combining high quality pictures from your hotel with quotes from reviews. An example of that would be sharing a nice image of your pool, accompanied by a quote from a positive review on TripAdvisor.

#2 Use creative photography to spark travelers’ imagination

One of the best ways to tell your hotel’s story is through creative photography that manages to capture the essence of the experience. A photo of a cocktail next to the pool is not just that. It tells a story to the guest. And each picture should promote your hotel’s unique aspects. Your goal should be to excite & inspire new guests. Make them imagine staying and enjoying your hotel. And remember, the best picture is the one that manages to sell more, not the most artistic per se.

#3 Share moments on social media

Stay connected with your online fans by sharing moments on social media. New or even previous guests should feel like they’re missing out by not being there. Are you having a special event? Or is there a VIP guest who’s visiting your property? Make sure to upload captivating images so that any previous or new guest will feel at least slightly jealous for not being there. This creates a FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – which can be a great driver in getting new buyers.

#4 Uncover your unique positioning

In order to tell your hotel’s story efficiently you need to know and promote your strong points. The things that make your property stand out from the rest. Do you have a unique pool, or a location that’s unrivaled? Make sure to include this information in all your social media and OTA listings.
Are you unsure about the things that differentiate you? By using GuestFlip’s hotel review management software you can compare your property with your competition. This way you can see where you stand out and use this information to drive your hotel’s sales.

#5 Keep a consistent brand voice across media

Create your own unique way of speaking to your online family, to your guests. Ideally, you should keep a consistent voice on all your media. This way guests can get to know you. They can relate more. And this will translate to increased loyalty across your properties.

By using all these tips and keeping a consistent brand voice for your hotel across all channels, you will be able to get more from your hotel’s online presence.

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