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Monitor Reviews

Monitor reviews

Monitor all your reviews from 50+ platforms in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Monitor Reviews

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Hotels using GuestFlip spend 70% less time responding to reviews while maintaining high quality responses.

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Monitor Reviews

Beat your competition

Closely monitor your competition's strong and weak points and find ways to climb online rankings.

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This is how GuestFlip will supercharge your reputation management.


No time to go through all these tons of information? Let us do the hard work and draw meaningful insights directly from major review hubs, OTAs, channels and Social Media. Knowledge is power!

Save 80% of time spent going through reviews.


Remedy situations and respond to negative reviews in a flexible, accurate and agile manner before they get out of control. GuestFlip helps you respond faster by identifying reviews that need a response and offering automated suggestions.

50% less time spent on responding.


Plan and keep track of your progress in improving your guests’ experience and see those 5-star reviews raining down on you. Set goals and identify the exact improvements needed to achieve superstar status on OTAs.


With the help of our solutions you can beat even your most digital savvy competitors. Stay ahead by knowing your competition's weakest and strongest points and by beating them in online rankings.

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